Economic Crash 2021: How To Remain Financially Safe and Mentally Positive

Lost in all the distraction and furore of the COVID-19 pandemic is that the global economy was in rotten shape before, and a major economic crash is on the horizon. There are so many factors suggesting a correction that it would be ignorant to believe the world will suddenly become a utopia of financial fairness and social equality for all. In fact, the crisis has only (temporarily) masked the looming problems, much of which has been stoked by traditional human factors of corruption, greed and control.

With all the fake money pumped into the economy, other global banks are warning of American financial catastrophe.

Present Global Economy is played under unfair rules

Do you wonder why most people are struggling, yet despite the crisis the top 1% of the rich have accumulated further trillions of dollars of our money? The system has been rigged since the invention of lending and interest. The super-rich, banks and powerful control money, plunge markets, and snap up defaulted property and assets upon spikes in bankruptcies.

One of the selling points of decentralised cryptocurrency is that it will make finance more open and accountable (see: corrupt politicians misspending tax funds). These technologies and projects are already in place.

This series-in-progress on the forecasted Economic Crash 2021 is for digital nomads, freelancers, creatives, single mothers and small business owners on smaller budgets to help navigate the coming financial storms. In fact, if one can flip the mindset to see the looming crisis for its opportunities, one can set themselves up for life while being insulated from much of the day to day pain. You can check the digital nomads starting guide to cryptocurrency here…

Indicators are the biggest economic crash in decades is approaching

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Who buys stocks (or crypto) at all-time highs?

When stocks (and cryptocurrency coins) are at all-time highs, this means that for the prices to keep increasing, more people have to buy them at these inflated prices, and so forth, for people to profit at their entry prices. Those rushing into new markets – particularly the inexperienced and/or emotional – will be buying at unprecedented maximum levels, that are often automated triggers to sell for bots or savvy investors.

The people and institutions buying at ATH (all-time highs) are clearly not adhering to the Buy Low, Sell High adage that makes for safe, wise and value-laden investments.

Those putting in thousands of dollars today hoping to ride the Bitcoin or Ethereum wave, will find themselves having “lost” a big chunk of money when crypto inevitably crashes.

Silver lining: If you bought at ATH and then crypto crashes, simply hold onto your coins for future savings. It might take up to 1-2 years for you to make a return, but do not panic sell and lose money.

Observation: Crypto is mainstream popular at the moment, but it’s still far from total mainstream adoption, which is when the values will truly skyrocket. Hence, my advice is be patient right now, follow along, get a feel for the tide and flow of crypto, and be prepared to pounce when prices plummet. This is around when that jilted investors will decry crypto as a “scam” and “volatile” and so forth. Savvy investors will splurge at these reduced levels – that should eventually touch less than 50% of what they are right now.

Coming Topics and Points

120 years history of economics crashes

Lessons from the 2008 Global Financial Crisis – How far have we come?

The fall of the global money elite and economic system

Loans / Delinquencies will reach record levels, that will fold when stimulus dries up

Inflation, Unemployment and Abundant Fake Money

Future, Fairer Taxation – inherent through digital currencies and transparent transactions

How to live off cryptocurrency as a digital nomad

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