Digital Nomad Accommodation

Looking for digital nomad accommodation?

If you don’t have the luxury of local connections with whom you can stay on a visit to a particular place, you want to find the best deal on accommodation – and the best places you can afford.

When I travel, I usually check between several regular websites. Usually I’ll take a look what the top rated hostels offer, as hostels encourage interaction with other travelers, and are more social. You can always rent a private room in a quality hostel.

If I want more of a local experience, or my own place with friends for a little more time, AirBNB is handy.

Occasionally, I seek the comforts and privacy of a hotel, particularly in an area where there is no social life and my purpose is to accomplish certain things.

Usually I check places in this order:

Hostelworld – – (use this link for $25 travel credit)

AirBNB – (use this link for $50 travel credit)

Skyscanner now also features a useful hotel search, though it usually finds the same deals as

If you’re traveling with a tent, check if there are camping spaces – there are many locations that allow you to pitch your tent for a small amount of money.

And, there is always Couchsurfing