How Men Can Stay Fit As Digital Nomads

Fitness can become an important part of daily work-travel routines

Technology has made it possible to build a career and see the world at the same time. For a lot of men, life is fuller because of the capacity to sustain travelling as a digital nomad. However, this on-the-go lifestyle could be contradictory to another goal that’s becoming increasingly popular today — fitness. WW International reports that improving health and well-being is attracting global interest, as 78% of people surveyed across the globe report their desire to get healthier. The top health and wellness goals for consumers were exercising or getting stronger and losing weight.

For digital nomads who rarely find themselves at a permanent home base, these goals aren’t always easy to achieve. However, pursuing your travel goals shouldn’t compromise your fitness. Here’s how you can make it work.

Have a diet fit for the road

A balanced diet plays a big role in fitness and maintaining a healthy weight. However, failing to monitor your intake while travelling can lead to weight gain. WeightWatchers believes that weight loss for men is only possible when you form healthy eating habits. That’s why the diet you choose to follow on your travels shouldn’t restrict what you eat. To cultivate sustainable habits that aren’t stressful to maintain, you should instead plan a diet that you will enjoy.

Indulge in the local cuisine, but avoid processed foods. Balance this with home-made meals so you can eat a wide range of nutrients. Have a list of ingredients and recipes that are healthy, enjoyable, and easy to find. You could also keep portable kitchen equipment, such as a blender, if you prefer having smoothies for a convenient meal. This way, even when constantly on the move, you don’t always have to resort to eating out.

Be mindful of what you put into your body, and how often

Create a portable workout plan

The benefits of exercise can never be overstated. Not only does it regulate your blood pressure and cholesterol, but WebMD states that exercise benefits your mood, heightens your energy and productivity, and lowers your stress. For the digital nomad moving from one place to another, these perks can help you power through each workday.

To reap these benefits, customize your workout plan to be conducive to travel. Bring convenient equipment like jump ropes or resistance bands for both cardio and strength training. You can also practice yoga, which can be done anywhere you have space. You can even burn some extra calories by sneaking physical activity into your travel plans. For instance, you could forego short bus trips and walk instead.

Prioritize sleep

A common mistake men make in their fitness journey is foregoing proper sleep. The AASM reports that men view sleepiness as an affirmation of their hard work and thus get used to being tired. This may be even more likely to happen to digital nomads who want to make the most of both their travels and their careers. However, our article ‘Work-Travel Life – Improving Discipline on the Road’ explains that being a digital nomad requires balance. This balance is crucial to maintaining momentum at work.

By building sleep into your fitness plans and travel schedules, you ensure that you’re getting the energy boost you need to be in top shape. Make sure you get the recommended 6 to 8 hours of sleep a night. This will help you stay sharp and regulate your metabolism. Outside work, adequate sleep will also fuel you with enough energy to keep your workouts going. Even if you constantly find yourself in a new place, implement evening routines that will put your mind in rest mode. You’re sure to see a significant payoff.

Being a digital nomad is challenging, but ultimately rewarding. By knowing how to stay fit, you can sustain this lifestyle for years to come.

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