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Aspiring, or seasoned, digital nomad? Here is an updated list of the top digital nomad destinations we recommend you consider for your future travels. These are places with a vibe, affordable for most remote workers / travelers, and there’s something special about them.

If this is your first time here at, I’m Sea. I’ve been a freelancer for over 20 years, and I’ve worked remotely for over a decade. Since 2014, I’ve worked from 6 of 7 continents, and I’ve more recently settled in Goa, India. A few years ago I published my second book, Plan Sea – that touches on some of these top digital nomad destinations. This blog is starting to pick up steam, again.

Click on the links below to discover some recommended places to visit for digital nomads. I’ve personally found that each of them are possible to live at a high standard, for less than a couple hundred dollars per week. Many of these top destinations are situated in warm climates of affordable countries.

From the top of Zapokane

Nomadic Recommendation: Jeju Island, South Korea

Jeju Island is a magical place, tropical and volcanic, situated off the south coast of the Korean peninsula. With a bevy of wondrous sights and attractions, it’s common for touristic hot spots to overflow with foreign visitors. Still

Jeju is much like it’s land sibling, in the endless coffee shop brands, truly convenient 24/7 shops and efficient transportation. While much of South Korea is mountainous, Jeju’s highest peak is the Hallasan volcano, at 1950m tall. Mt. Halla is also the highest mountain in South Korea.

Encircling the island is an infinite panorama of pristine beaches. Efficient highway transportation whisks between the north’s Jeju City, and the south’s Seogwipo. Top restaurants, hotels, cafes and music bars can be found all over.

The wifi is excellent, and widely available nearly everywhere. Cafes feature unbelievable sweeping views of shimmering blue ocean and golden sand.

For nomads on a budget, save the cost of staying by bringing a tent. Camping is encouraged across much of South Korea – and on Jeju Island. On my previous visit, I camped most nights, tucked away in tropical jungle, often near the sea.

It’s one of the most magical places I’ve ever imagined, and home to the best weeks of my life.

You can read the original Jeju digital nomad article here..

Sea working from Jeju Island - one of the most amazing destinations for digital nomads

Local Tips: Arambol, Goa, India

Goa has been my base for around four years, after previously living in Poland for two. I made my annual visit in early 2020, becoming stuck in beautiful Agonda, in South Goa across that turbulent monsoon / world crisis. An invitation paved the way for me to return to Arambol, that soon became my latest adopted home. Hence, my Arambol perspective comes from knowing its places, the people pushing the arts & culture here, and hints of Arambol’s future makeover, intimately.

Things are definitely radically changing, as part of a long-term tourism and infrastructure plan. Casinos that plague the state’s under-inspiring capital, Panaji, are to be moved up Morjim and Mandrem way (beside Arambol). The recent opening of nearby Manohar International Airport (Mopa / GOX) is bringing new swathes of domestic tourists to Arambol, its most proximate beach. The beach itself is being cleared of its vibey shacks and restaurants, with police more rigorously enforcing 10pm curfews.

The beaches are often overcrowded by sunset, and occasionally raucous, such as during December’s wearying peak season. This has led many to uncover the more tranquil joys of Temple Road and Pernem Road, towards Corgao. February through early April is a wonderful time, still busy but relaxing with more of a creative vibe.

You can read the original Arambol digital nomad article here..

This is It, Arambol - A daily writing spot for Plan Sea
This is It, Arambol – A daily writing spot for Plan Sea

Remote Work in Peace: South Goa, India

If you enjoy the chill Goa vibes, but prefer a little more peace and quiet, South Goa might be the nomadic stop for you. While its reputation is a little “more expensive” than North Goa, if you’re able to find reasonable accommodation, we noticed minimal difference in cost of living. There are better restaurants and cafes, that might contribute to this perception.

To be clear, “South Goa” comprises the region south of Goa’s capital, Panaji / Panjim. In particular, I’m a huge advocate of the lush Canacona area, that includes incredible Agonda and Patnem, that sandwich the better-known/too-busy Palolem Beach. Hence, my recommendation is to visit Agonda and/or Patnem.

Restaurants of note include The Mill (Palolem), Zest (Agonda and Palolem locations). Agonda – Sunset Point. Patnem has more of a music vibe, although live music can be found on Agonda. While it’s considered a little more expensive, one can certainly find local-targeted, cheap eats.

Stay tuned for the full Agonda/Patnem digital nomads article! We are rolling out fresh content weekly moving forward.

Riverside in Agonda at Saturn Jungle Huts

Hidden Gem in Paradise: Hiriketiya, Sri Lanka

One of my handful of top places in the world, Hiriketiya is hidden in the south of Sri Lanka. The island-nation itself is a captivating stop for aspiring nomadic types, and worth a visit if in the region.

The full Hiriketiya Sri Lanka Digital Nomads article is coming in the next couple of weeks! Keep checking back very soon.

Railway near Ella, Sri Lanka

Island Paradise: Koh Phangan, Thailand

Once referred to as a “party island”, Koh Phangan has recently been classified as a “crypto island”, due to the prevalence of cryptocurrency-friendly people and places on the Thai island.

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Top digital nomad destinations

Lakeside at Pokhara, Nepal

Pokhara Lakeside might be my favourite place of all, in terms of excellent cafes, decent Internet and an uber-chill vibe. Vegan Way. Picturesque views at The Juicery. Restaurants, music venues.

Touristic attractions include the Japanese cable car leading up to the hilltop of Sarangkot. This offers breathtaking sunrise views of the Annapurna mountain range of the Himalayas.

For those requiring even more peace and quiet, visit nearby tranquil Begnas Lake (<>30 minute drive from Pokhara). Plentiful guesthouses offer sufficient wifi and mobile coverage. Recommended cafe/restaurant: Classic Chill.

We will share the full article to Pokhara Digital Nomads in the weeks to come!

Rupa View, Nepal

Riverside Chill: Kampot, Cambodia

For nomads who seek alternatives to beaches and lakes, have you previously worked riverside? Kampot – “the green capital of Cambodia” – is a supremely relaxed

Kampot is situated a short overnight bus south from Phnom Penh. There is little need to spend much time in the capital, but further north is Siem Reap, proximate to the stunning, legendary Angkor Wat.

High Tide, Kampot - a top digital nomad destination

Stay tuned for the full Kampot digital nomads article, released in the next couple of weeks!

Future society: Auroville, India

There is no other place in the world like Auroville, an independent autonomous “city” south of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Auroville is close to Pondicherry – an old French enclave.

Auroville is guided, and governed, by spiritual values instead of straight up laws and rules.

Read the full Digital Nomads Auroville article here…

(Note that recent word on the streets – February 2024 – is that district issues and local confrontations around Auroville have diminished its purity. Auroville is being carved up by commercial and residential developments, with a lot of new concrete around the perimeter. We will make an effort to assess Auroville in person, but it’s possible the Auroville experiment is winding down – and best to check it out sooner than later if you’re interested.)

Auroville, sunrise of the 50th anniversary - one of the world's top digital nomad destinations?

Top Digital Nomad Destinations in South Korea

As a bonus on this list, we look at digital nomads in South Korea. While our last visit was back in 2017, we found how one can live and remote work affordably, on a low budget! This is despite Seoul being one of the world’s most expensive cities. (Tip: University areas have access to cheap meal deals and accommodation!)

You might rightfully point out that all the other top digital nomad destinations are generally smaller and in tropical climates. Did you know that South Korea has a lot of tropical beaches? Even beyond Jeju Island, the south of the nation – around the large oceanside city of Busan – features numerous incredible, tropical areas worth visiting in South Korea.

Read the original South Korea digital nomads article here…

Busan, South Korea

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Author: Sea Ansley

Sea is the founder and head writer at Digital Nomad. He's lived the freelance life for 20+ years, and worked/lived on the road the past 5+. Currently, he's based in Goa, India. Sea recently published his latest (travel) book, Plan Sea -

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