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How Threadless Artist Shops can facilitate a useful income for creative types while you travel.

Threadless T-Shirts - One of Sea's shirtsI’ve been a fan and avid customer of Threadless for several years. Before each trip I wait for a sale and stock up on a couple of new t-shirts.

In fact, most of the t-shirts I travel with are from Threadless.

Threadless is a long time supplier of user-created designs, originally for clothing, but recently into all sorts of accessories.

While anybody can submit designs for review by the Threadless community, the very best rise to the top. These become the most popular – and most sold – designs. Artists retain a solid proportion of their sales.

Threadless evolved to introduce more products, including accessories, prints, homeware, artist supplies, and a wider range of clothing.

Threadless website menu

It’s a rock solid community and fun online store to browse. When prices drop by up to 50%, or $10 shirt offers, it prompts me to take a look at new designs.


Introducing… Threadless Artist Shops

Threadless decided to take their artist-fueled concept to the next level by introducing Threadless Artist Shops.

This furnishes artists with a dashboard to submit their designs, and set up their artwork on the products of their choice.

The best part is the fully-managed storefront for artists to sell their own wares.

If you want to offer a few t-shirts, a spiral notebook and a mug, you simply set up the products and share the store link. You set the prices above the reasonable cost price set by Threadless.

Those with social media audiences or digital marketing acumen can craft campaigns to drive traffic to your shop and products.

Orders are processed by Threadless, and orders shipped. You don’t have to do anything other than set up the products and send traffic to your shop.

As a bonus, your designs can be floated around the Threadless community, with favourites added to the main Threadless store. This naturally increases exposure and potential sales exponentially.

Threadless Artist Shops menu


Benefits of Threadless Artist Shops for the Digital Nomad

“Artist Shops is 100% free and you’ll never have to worry about printing or inventory again. You make money every time a product is sold and you save the time and hassle of having to ship it out.”

Sea's own Starry Starry Night t-shirt from ThreadlessYou can set up a store in a limited amount of time, and manage products and sales from anywhere.

Features include free customer service, order fulfillment, hosting, unlimited products, custom layout and colours, analytics, and various integrations.

As a spare-time venture that makes the most out of your creativity and you can manage from anywhere in the world, Threadless Artist Shops is ideal for the digital nomad.

If you’re a blogger or small business you can add a few quality products to your website for a little extra revenue and exposure.

And, if you’re an artist looking to circulate your work and earn some income from your designs, this could be your dream come true.

It’s free, worth checking out.

Sign up for Threadless Artist Shops here… It’s free!

Threadless Artist Shops

Author: Sea Ansley

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