How to Monetize your Blog with SteemPress

Steemit – Blockchain’s first, and biggest, social network

The holy grail of a nomadic blogging career is the point you begin to monetize your blog.

We’re happy to report that here at DigitalNomad.Blog, we have started earning our first regular (micro)payments for our quality, original writing.

You’ve no doubt been presented with numerous how-to lists about blog monetization, and what you need to do to monetize your blog. This is not one of these articles.

Most of those solutions require a considerable amount of traffic, or some investment to begin with. This is highly unhelpful for the vast majority of new blogs and bloggers.

What we’ve discovered, and successfully implemented, is a solution that starts earning you cash and cryptocurrency as soon as you install a simple WordPress plugin. Then it’s up to you to build reputation and traffic to increase your earnings, while continuously publishing quality content.

Here’s how you can monetize your blog with SteemPress.

Introducing SteemIt – Blockchain’s pioneering social media network

Steemit - Blockchain social network

Steemit is a massive, rapidly growing social network, and a pioneer in the blockchain world.

It’s special because it is the first, and best known, social network in the blossoming blockchain space.

Indeed, every thread, post, action and reward is stored permanently on a custom, decentralized blockchain.

One of the great features is there are no human editors or idealistic publishers sitting in the way. This is one of the inherent and most important benefits of blockchain networks, and decentralized, autonomous organisations (DAO).

It’s open, uncensored, permanent – meaning once you submit, it is online forever. Nobody can take your content down, edit or censor it.

Steemit is far from the prettiest or the most intuitive application, but it’s the first. Much respect for that, and the fact that Steemit continues to grow in popularity is a great sign for the blockchain community.

Posts to the blockchain are made available in categories, such as tags, and under headings like Trending, New, Promoted. Readers can “upvote” articles and comments they like, while commenting on each article.

There is a computed calculation of each article and comment, determined by the popularity (“influence”) of those voting on your article, and this generates a financial value for each article.

How much does Steemit pay for articles?

A random screenshot of recent Steemit payouts
A random screenshot showing recent trending Steemit posts – $500-600+ per article

I kid you not, many articles make from USD$500-1000 per article.

The value of articles is based on your reputation score, Steem Power, and the collective reputation and Steem Power of those who upvote and comment on your articles.

You’ll wonder about this immediately, when your first perfectly crafted article receives $0.02 – if you’re lucky. While totally crap posts are raking in hundreds of dollars.

In our own experience, many of our recent articles pay in the $2-3 range. The Introducing David August re-post earned around $5, while our article on desk tech earned nearly $40. Since then, we’ve boosted our default rating from 26 to 50, making a noticeable difference between cents and dollars.

Earning $40 per article, 3-5 days a week, and suddenly that’s an awesome side hustle income, getting paid to write. Even if it doesn’t start lucratively, imagine what weeks or months of spare time effort will bring. A responsible and determined nomad starts the hard work now, for prosperity down the line.

This week we plugged in our Blog.Mother.Domains to SteemPress, and republished one of our recent hit articles – RunCloud vs ServerPilot. Steemit payout in 24 hours: $3.54.

You can accumulate your Steem Dollars and influence tokens (Steem Power), or transfer it via exchanges, almost immediately, to USD.

SteemPress – a WordPress Plugin to Monetize Your Blog on Steemit

Steempress, a WordPress plugin to monetise your blog

So, what is this magical WordPress plugin that helps monetize your blog?

SteemPress is developed by Martin Lees, a longtime Steemit user, who saw a need for such a solution in the web-to-blockchain space.

This allows the re-publishing of WordPress content, via a delay you set, to the Steemit network, where Likes, Resteems, and Comments interaction help build the value of financial rewards for your work.

If you’re really keen on writing, perhaps you maintain multiple blogs under different categories, that you can publish from regularly. It all adds up, dollars at a time, helping build up your reputation and your payouts, and at some point it should bring a decent side income.

You may even get to the level of many of these Steemit authors earning $500-1000 per article. Our aim is to be at this point within the next year.

How To Set Up SteemPress on your WordPress Blog

SteemPress settings on WordPress
SteemPress settings in WordPress

It’s easy to install the SteemPress plugin on your WordPress site, and start to monetize your blog.

  1. Download the SteemPress plugin – ideally through the Plugins > Add New section of your WordPress installation
  2. Search for the SteemPress plugin – and Install / Activate SteemPress
  3. Edit the SteemPress settings – This is found under Settings > SteemPress
  4. Retrieve your Steemit Private Posting Key – This is found in the Permissions section of your Steemit profile
  5. Reward: 50/50 is a good start– Until you know for sure whether you want 100% Steem Power, or pay for each article. Best to accumulate as much SP as you can to start, as it will result in bigger payouts
  6. Delay Posts: 5-7 days recommended. This is because search engines will penalize you for duplicate content. While it’s nice to be monetizing content on your blog, you don’t want it at the expense of SEO visibility on Google. Hence, 7200 (5 days) or 10080 (7 days) isĀ  useful.
  7. Press submit – perhaps twice – and it will eventually connect to the Steemit server. If there are any errors at the bottom, make sure your Private Posting Key is 100% the same, your username is accurate, and your Internet connection is solid.

One very important tip on Tags – SteemPress, at the moment, lists your submitted tags in alphabetical order. This means, irrespective of the tags you enter, the first in the alphabet will be the first, and main, category, in Steemit. This is very important.

Hence, if your blog is about technology, the only tags you want to add to the WordPress article should come after T – such as Writing. Otherwise, your obscure, “digitalnomad” tag, will have virtually no visibility.

Any problems or questions at all, feel free to post in our new Digital.Nomadic.Cloud online community forums.

Check Out Steemit and start monetizing your blog with SteemPress

Steemit: Monetize your blog with SteemPress
Monetize your blog with SteemPress

Voila! You have now connected your WordPress blog with the Steemit social network, via the SteemPress plugin.

The longest part of the process will be activating your new Steemit account, as there is a short wait list. In the meantime, you can set up the StreemPress plugin, as much as possible, and keep writing!

Then, once everything is up and running, you’ll be able to post to the Steemit network, and start earning money off your original stories and quality content.

After you sign up and logon, follow me on Steemit! My handle is @seapilot.

Share Instagram, Twitter, YouTube to Steemit

Furthermore, you can also monetize your social media posts, such as Instagram photos, tweets, and YouTube videos.

Check out Share2Steem here – monetizing your social media activities.

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Accept cryptocurrency on your website – CoinPayments

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